Our new EPS is just waste. We couldn’t be prouder.

BEWiSynbra RAW, Insulation, Packaging and Circular work together to collect, compress, extrude and recycle used EPS. It’s a closed-loop system and the result, Recycled Inside, is EPS from 100% recycled material.

Recycled Inside, developed for a reduced climate footprint and a more environmentally friendly product. With shock-absorbing and thermal properties on par with virgin EPS, it saves natural resources and lowers CO2 emissions.

The new material is the result of BEWiSynbra’s ambition towards a circular economy. We collect EPS waste from construction sites & packaging materials from grocery stores and industries. Then the material is processed in our extruder before it goes back in the production line.

Recycled Inside can be used in varying grades – from just a few percent up to 100 percent – in EPS for packaging and insulation.

BEWiSynbra seeks to partner with customers to establish close collaborations with the aim to set up closed-loop systems, from production and delivery to recycling and producing new EPS.

Recycled Inside is launched after a long time of innovation and development, as a response to meet strict climate targets.

If your company looking for a change, contact your local sales rep to find out more. Together we will close the loop.

Customer Case – Skanska

Closing the loop with Recycled Inside

Skanska is one of the leading project development and construction companies in the world. They are on a journey to a near-zero environmental impact in construction. 

At BEWiSynbra, we are leading the change towards a circular economy. And together with Skanska, we are closing the loop with Recycled Inside. 

We visited a Skanska construction site in Sweden where they are building new apartments with recycled EPS. 

– We chose BEWiSynbra because of their 100% recycled EPS material. And they also retrieve all the EPS waste and recycle it into new EPS, says Lars Stigberg, Skanska. 

The closed-loop system means that we collect the used EPS waste from the construction site and recycle it into new material.  

Our Recycled Inside product line is an EPS consisting of 100% recycled material, developed for a reduced climate footprint with first-rate properties. Together we close the loop.


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