Right products at the right time

We produce the right products at the right time, in any quantity from major molded volumes to small series that don’t require investments in tools.

Choice of material

Together with our customers we choose material depending on logistics, volumes etc and base the solutions on 3D models or the actual product.

Design phase

Our designers create a model of an optimal packaging solution, based on specified requirements and present the solution in a 3D environment. If a prototype is needed we will mill one – it is always constructive to get a hands-on experience of the solution. We take responsibility for the entire process concerning any tool production, creation of an outer box and other accessories, maintenance etc and follow up how the packaging works later in the product cycle.

Collaboration creates sustainable solutions

We help you throughout the entire process, from early stages in product planning to finished product with for example shockproof or insulating material. Cooperation from an early stage gives us the opportunity to create an optimal solution from both an economically and environmentally sustainable perspective.


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