EPS, expanded polystyrene, consists of small beads that are melted together under heat and pressure. EPS consists of 98 percent contained air, which gives it good insulation ability. It has also a high humidity resistance. Therefore it provides good protection against cold, wind, humidity and mould.


EPP, expanded polypropylene. The raw material for EPP is polypropylene granulate. EPP has very good shock absorbing ability, heat resistance, insulation properties, and is resistant to most chemicals. These unique qualities makes EPP useful in many areas, such as different recycling systems, packaging for instruments, cameras, technical insulation, car components, neck protectors etc.

Porous EPP

Thanks to its sound-insulating ability, Porous EPP offers unique opportunities for HVAC and automotive customers. For instance, a box made of porous EPP can replace the soundproofing mat that would have been under the box.

Fabricated foam

Fabricated foam means that we buy material in block form and process it into customer-specific solutions. We mainly use PE and PUR. PE is the most common material for shock absorption, separation and fixation of medium to heavy industrial products. PUR has open cells, which allows air and water to pass through and makes the material perfect for sensitive products such as electronics and telecom. It’s also used as a sound absorber in the automotive industry.

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