Cellular plastics are well suited for applications in the car industry. They reduce noise and can replace other materials to reduce weight. We work mainly with EPP, but also use EPS and Fabricated Foam for components and packaging.

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BEWiSynbra manufactures a wide assortment of packages for drugs, medicines and products that are sensitive to temperatures. The packaging meets strict requirements for insulation and shock absorbtion and can be combined with different of cooling agents.


Heat insulation in combination with low weight, strength, energy absorption, sound isolation, flexibility, etc makes EPP the obvious choice for HVAC applications.

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EPS seed and seedling trays distinguish themselves by their innovative applications and are an important aspect of the current cultivation methods.

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Cellular plastic has unique qualities and good plasticity. Before we recommend a certain material we analyze how your products are shipped. Some materials are good for one way shipments, others are better for returns.

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Fish boxes

The fish boxes can withstand humidity, be stapled and they are transportation friendly and hygienic. The boxes can be delivered with or without drain holes. We produce a wide range of boxes that especially developed for the fishing industry, which entails fast and flexible delivery for basically all needs.

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Food boxes

Meat, milk, vegetables and other stapes purchased online should maintain their quality and freshness all the way to the dinner table. An unbroken cooling chain is just as important as the cooling room in the grocery store.

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Technical Components

Moulded technical EPS and EPP components can improve product usability. EPS and EPP components have weight and plasticity advantages. They are robust, absorb shocks and insulate.

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Standard products

Our standard items are products where we own the tools that shapes the details. You buy a finished product, such as corner cover, edge guard or disc, at your own discretion.
When the time and the product are ready for tailor made solutions, we are prepared with all the resources you need.

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