BEWiSynbra Group is built on four strong values: Responsibility, pride, stability and quality. They shape our company and how we think, innovate, work and produce.


We rely on each other and take responsibility for every thing we do. We keep our promises and seek to earn our customers trust. We believe that every person working here can do great things and by working together we can achieve even more.


We are proud of our company, colleagues and what our products do for customers and end users. We are proud to be innovators and to seek solutions that have the potential to make a difference for coming generations.


We are stable and reliable, think strategically and plan for the long term. We care for each other and work as a team. We respect our customers and by understanding their challenges we can offer the best possible solutions.


Quality is how customers measure our products. Every step of our value chain needs to deliver on this basic principle. Quality management systems, certified to the highest standards in the industry, reach all the way from the factory floor to top management. In short, quality is the job of every person here.


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