Thinking inside the box has delivered boxes of groceries and food to Danish homes since 2006. And not just any boxes, but EPS-boxes from BEWiSynbra.

Retnemt and BEWiSynbra Denmark have worked together and developed boxes with just the right thickness. They have to be stackable and fit optimally on both pallets and inside trucks. It’s also essential that the temperature remains constant inside the box during transport, even during longer drives, regardless of how much (or little) food there is.

The embossed Retnemt logo on the boxes is not just branding, it makes it more likely that the boxes are returned. The fact that EPS is 100% recyclable is essential: Retnemt makes money on recycling their boxes.

They wash and reuse the boxes as long as possible (65-70% of them are reused). Boxes that are too dirty or damaged are compressed at the Retnemt site in Helsingör, recycled and turned into new EPS or XPS. Retnemt compress more than 20 tons of EPS every year and the number is rising.

Retnemt and BEWiSynbra Denmark make regular forecasts of the need for new boxes and have a setup that only require a limited extra supply at any given time. The two partners are aligned on service, price and quality. BEWiSynbra monitor the logistics daily and Retnemt know that they can rely on BEWiSynbra to deliver when business booms.

EPS saves lives

EPS saves lives

EPS protects against impact and insulates from heat, cold, moisture and cold. The EPS parts made…


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