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Collection of EPS in Portuguese fishing ports. 

In collaboration with Doca Pesca (a state-owned company under the Ministry of Agriculture in Portugal), we have launched a project that aims to collect EPS fish boxes from almost all fishing ports across Portugal.

The small town Sesimbra on the south coast is one of the first ports to join this collaboration.

Due to its particular position at the Setúbal Bay, near the Sado River’s mouth and its natural harbor, it’s an important fishing town. The fish industry generates a lot of EPS waste – And in the past, this was a big problem, because there didn’t exist a proper place to dispose of the uses boxes.

We are applying different types of solutions depending on the quantities that each harbor generates. In Sesimbra, we have installed retention cages, so that fish boxes can be deposited in one accessible place, allowing for easier collection while preventing any waste from ending up in the sea.

– “This kind of cages is one of the best solutions to fix the problem of collecting fish boxes in the harbors – To avoid that they go into the sea or garbage bin. I think we have found the best possible solution here”, says Pedro M. Luis, Managing Director of BEWiSynbra Circular in Portugal.

Once the waste is collected, we transport the used EPS-boxes to our recycling facility and convert it into new raw material that can be reused for different applications several times.

We are establishing collection points from north to south so the collaboration with Doca Pesca and the fishing ports can expand quickly.

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