Sustainable design

Sustainability starts in the design. In order to develop more sustainable products, we start from the beginning – in the design studio.

We don’t innovate for innovation’s sake, but to meet our customer’s needs. In the design studio specialists work together with a team of people from other departments – sales, production and marketing.

That means we try not to use more raw material than needed. So, we can design a product that saves resources, both in raw material and also in transport. That makes for a better price and a more sustainable future.

When any of our customers come to us with a product that needs to be protected for transport, kept cold or have really nice packaging. We work together with the customer to design it in the best possible way.

It’s not just packaging that needs a sustainable design. We think of all our products this way. We are constantly looking into improving our insulation materials for an energetic performance, safety and sustainability. Our packaging and insulation products will play a key role in a more sustainable future.

Recycling success

Recycling success

Successful trials of BEWiSynbra’s 100% recyclable EPS. BEWiSynbra Group recently introduced EPS made 100 per cent…


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