Sustainability Policy

BEWiSynbra Group is environmental and quality certified in ISO 14001 and has also been awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Both certifications are the result of a conscious strategy and hard work to be as cost effective as possible. Effectiveness is good for the environment, our customs and our company.

BEWiSynbra Grup has worked out a management system with the environment in focus on several levels. We compensate the carbon offset for our employees’ travels in work. We have switched all the lamps in our headquarters to more energy efficient lighting. But an important part of our environmental work is product development. For example, by developing more effective products we reduce the transports from the factories to the customers, smaller volumes to transport means less impact on nature.

Within BEWiSynbra Group we work to promote a healthy lifestyle among our employees and to contribute to sustainable development, where resource management is an indicator. We comply with appli- cable laws and other requirements. We believe that constant impro- vements prevent and reduce the negative environmental impact that may be caused by our production.

  • We try to reduce by any possible means our carbon footprint and continuously improve our working environment.
  • We handle all our resources with care, aiming to save energy.
  • By implementing safe working methods
    we are actively reducing and preventing accidents / incidents in our production plants.
  • We help our customers in their environmental work by providing good advice and offering viable environmental solutions.
  • We comply with applicable laws and are well prepared for future environmental requirements
  • We clarify the environmental responsibility and environmental content and scope of our organization.
  • We stimulate our employees’ commitment to environmental work by contributing to raising everyone’s
    competence in the environmental field.
  • Our environmental work is carried out systematically based on a process-oriented operating system.
  • We describe and value bigger decisions, what consequences they may have for health and the working environment, early in the phase of planning and procurement.


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