Being resourceful

From an environmental point-of-view we believe that the extraction of resources (gas, oil and electricity) and transportation are the most important for us to work with.

Of course, there are other areas as well – recycling, waste management etc – and, rest assured, we haven’t forgotten them.

The greatest environmental impact comes from BEWiSynbra’s extraction of raw materials and from energy consumption. Our CO2-emissions from energy consumption are between 0.10 and 1.99 kilograms per kilo EPS produced.

We aim to reduce the impact on the environment by using sustainable transportation for our products, use environmentally certified shipping agents and co-load different product categories between countries.

We continually try to use materials more efficiently, to reduce raw materials waste and waste in production. We offer customized and nearly weightless packaging that makes transportation more efficient. In most cases, the technical packaging has same lifespan as the product it’s intended for.


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