A clean sweep

We are a partner of the international Operation Clean Sweep® initiative. The program is designed to prevent and help keep plastic litter materials out of the marine environment.

As a partner of Operation Clean Sweep®, we promote cleaner oceans. We organize the collection of plastic granulate in surface water and train our employees in how to prevent plastic residue and render it harmlessly. The agreement includes regular audits. In practice it also means that our plants in Denmark and Sweden collect plastic granulate in surface water and regularly check the plants’ cisterns for waste.

The campaign’s goal is: to help every plastic resin handling operation implement good housekeeping and pellet, flake and powder containment practices to work towards achieving zero pellet, flake and powder loss. OCS is being conducted in thousands of plants around the world, all adding to the effort to protect the environment.

For more information about Operation Clean Sweep®, go to the operations website: Operation Clean Sweep


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