BEWiSynbra is one of the leading producers of cellular plastics in northern Europe.

The RAW segment is Europe’s leading manufacturer of polystyrene beads – the raw material for EPS, which is also called Styrofoam. After expanding and extruding the polystyrene beads, the material can be molded or otherwise processed into a number of different end products and areas of application.


The primary raw material for polystyrene beads is styrene, a liquid that petrochemical companies extract from crude oil. In the next step, styrene is mixed with additives such as pentane. The process results in beads, or granulate, that together with air forms expanded polystyrene (EPS) at a later stage in manufacturing.

There is an extensive range of expanded polystyrene beads in the market, with various properties depending on the final product and the customers’ needs. BEWiSynbra’s RAW segment focuses on developing and manufacturing polystyrene beads. The product portfolio encompasses white and grey EPS.

Production takes place at the Group’s plants in Etten-Leur in the Netherlands and Porvoo, Finland.

EPS is 100 percent recyclable. In 2019, BEWiSynbra launched the world’s first EPS based entirely on recycled material. The loop for EPS has thus been closed, with a reduction in waste and environmental impact as a result. Recycled EPS is manufactured at the plant in Porvoo. The first commercial deliveries to a number of select customers took place in early 2020. BEWiSynbra launched the Use-ReUse concept, which is developing and implementing methods for collecting and processing used EPS, in 2019.


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