Pitched roof

Want to insulate a pitched roof quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively? We have a wide range of insulation boards for all types of pitched roofs and for every kind of building, requirement and budget.

Cellular foam roof insulation has many advantages. Apart from the superior insulating qualities, it is quick and easy to use, you can reduce building costs and it can be combined with almost all kinds of roof coverings. Forget the problem with thermal bridges, BEWiSynbra cellular foams covers any surface.

All of our roof elements are made with EPS insulation, which scores very well on environmental performance. You’ll save valuable energy and make an environmentally responsible choice. The CO2 emissions during EPS production are the lowest of all insulation materials.

With the right roof insulation you can:

  • Lower heating costs
  • Increase living space and comfort
  • Reduce building costs
  • Reduce problems with moisture and mould
  • Use any roof cover
  • Make an environmentally responsible choice


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