BEWiSynbra supplies a wide range of insulation products and solutions for residential construction and civil engineering.

Thermal insulation is installed throughout buildings to reduce energy loss and decrease energy consumption of buildings and structures.

Cellular plastic-based products are particularly well-suited for insulation purposes due to their unique set of material properties, including price attractiveness and moisture resistance. We supply the building industry with everything from standardised insulation products to innovative building systems for foundations, walls and roofs.

BEWiSynbra mainly develops and produces products and solutions made from EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) and XPS (Extruded Polystyrene).

BEWiSynbra is currently developing a flame retardant cellular plastic-based material called Xire®, which could unlock new application areas and make Xire® a strong competitor in application areas where increased demands are made on fire safety.  Meanwhile maintaining the general advantages of EPS such as an excellent insulation value, a good compressive strenght and moisture resistance, the best environmental and health-friendly performance, excellent recycling and more ease of processing at low costs.

Our 14 production facilities in five countries provide us with proximity to our customers and thereby lower transport costs.


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