On solid ground

Construction of the Zalmhaventoren in Rotterdam has started. At 215 meters it will be the tallest building in the Netherlands. Two neighboring 70 meter tall buildings are also under construction.

When the entire complex is ready it will have apartments, townhouses, parking garages, offices, shops and a roof garden. Do we need to say that it needs a solid foundation that anchors it to the ground and insulates it from moisture, rot etc?
At Zalmhaventoren they use the strongest foundation formwork on the market: PowerKist from BEWiSynbra. It’s developed for pile foundations and reinforced with unbreakable PS strips. When the Zalmhaventoren is ready in a few years it will be on solid ground.

Recycling success

Recycling success

Successful trials of BEWiSynbra’s 100% recyclable EPS. BEWiSynbra Group recently introduced EPS made 100 per cent…


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