The world’s first CO2 neutral foam

Biofoam® looks the same and has almost the same characteristics as traditional EPS. But there is a major difference.

Biofoam® isn’t based on fossil raw material. It is produced from plant-based biopolymers and is therefore fully biodegradable and industrially compostable. Finite has become infinite. Sustainability has taken a step forward.

  • The first CO2 neutral cellular foam in the world
  • The first foam with an organic base
  • Made of vegetable materials
  • Can be re-used
  • Biodegradeable

Current applications of the BioFoam® include building insulation, artificial soccer fields as an environmental-friendly alternative to rubber-based solutions, and a range of small-scale packaging solutions. Longer term, BEWiSynbra’s ambition is to open new market segments where customers are increasingly looking to replace existing materials and solutions with more environmental friendly substitutes.

One promising example is one of the worlds largest furniture producers complete switch to renewable sources by 2020 and their approval of BioFoam®


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