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Award for Design Excellence and the Environmental Award

In 2009 Inventas together with BEWiSynbra and Vartdal Plast designed a new packaging system for salmon boxes. It is lighter and takes up less space, resulting in significant savings, economically and environmentally.

On the 2009 Design Day in Oslo the salmon packaging system recieved both an Award for Design Excellence and the Environmental Award from the Norwegian Design Council.

The Bio-Based Product of the Year

At the inaugural Bio-Based Innovation Awards (Europe) Synbra Technology bv (as it was known then) received the Bio-Based Product of the Year (Europe) 2016 for the ‘Greeny’, a new line of ice containers made from BioFoam.

Synbra/Synprodo worked in close cooperation with the Italian companies Sulpol and Greenevo to create a completely new bio-based and compostable icebox design for the Italian market.

The Annual Global Bioplastics Award

At the 2014 Annual Global Bioplastics Award Zandonella was recognized for the development of a PLA ice cream container. The 500 ml box is made from expanded fine particle PLA foam from BEWiSynbra. All other components of the packaging are also made of renewable raw materials, as well as being suitable for industrial composting. It is highly functional: the ice cream will remain frozen without cooling for at least an hour.

Dutch Construction award

Synbra Technology and IsoBouw Systems received the 2011 Dutch Construction prize in the construction materials and systems category for the introduction of BioFoam Insulation. The prize was awarded for its usability as a building material with a low environmental impact and the possibility of full degradation. The jury described the project as an exemplary and inspiring initiative. They also particular appreciated the compressive strength of the material and its overall quality.


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