Our history

BEWi, as it was known then, has focused on packaging and building insulation since 1980.

The Company started its geographical expansion in 2006, by acquiring the Swedish company Genevad AB. Since then, there have been numerous acquisitions and one strategic merger, transforming the company into one of the leading producers of EPS in northern Europe, vertically integrated through the value chain from production of raw material to finished products.

Our development

1972. Stymer (later StyroChem) starts producing EPS.

1980. BEWi is founded to produce food packaging and products for construction insulation.

1981. Neste Chemicals acquires Stymer.

2000. StyroChem becomes the leading manufacturer of EPS in the Nordic countries.

2006. BEWi establishes in Sweden by acquiring Genevad.

2007. Eqvitec acquires StyroChem.

2011. Verdane acquires StyroChem.

2012. Acquisition of Thermisol SE with factories in Norrtälje and Vårgårda.

2013. Acquisition of factory in Dorotea.

2014. Merging of BEWi and StyroChem to BEWi Group and acquisition of DS Smith packaging units.

2015. Integration and efficiency of new and existing units.

2016. Acquisition of XPS manufacturer M-Plast in Kaavi, Finland.

2017. Acquisition of Por-Pac in Lindesberg, Sweden.

2017. BEWi acquires the majority of Solupak, Finland.

2018. BEWi acquires Ruukin EPS in Finland.

2018. BEWi acquires Synbra Holding B.V and change name to BEWiSynbra Group

2018 BEWiSynbra acquires BEWi Polar and BEWi Produkter, together BEWi Norway, and BEWi Automotive in Sweden


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