• Jonas Siljeskär

  • CEO

  • Jonas Siljeskär was appointed Deputy CEO of the BEWiSynbra Group in June 2019, with full responsibility for all operational aspects of the Company. Previous to this role, Siljeskär has held various positions in BEWiSynbra, including COO of the Group, Managing Director Upstream Raw and production manager. He was also production manager of Thermisol AB and director of production at Tomoku Hus AB. Siljeskär is managing director and a member of the board of directors in several subsidiaries in the Group.

    Siljeskär holds a degree in engineering from Dalarna University in Sweden and a degree in lean management from Toyota Nagoya.

    Other current assignments
    BEWi P AB (CEO).

    • Born1972
    • Shares93.750
  • Marie Danielsson

  • CFO

  • Marie Danielsson has been CFO in the Company since 2015. Danielsson has previous positions as approved/authorised public accountant at KPMG AB and vice president Financial Control and Taxes at Haldex AB (publ).

    Danielsson holds a master’s degree in economics from Stockholm University in Sweden.

    Other current assignments
    Bewi P AB (board member).

    • Born1975
    • Shares175.000
  • Christian Bekken

  • Director of business development

  • Christian Bekken has been Director of Business Development in the Company since 2018. Bekken is a member of the Bekken family, the majority shareholder, and is the former CEO of BEWiSynbra from 2014 to 2018. Bekken has held various positions within BEWiSynbra since 2002 and is the previous CEO of Smart Bolig AS.

    Bekken has an upper secondary general degree in economy and business administration.

    Other current assignments
    KMC Family AS (CEO and chairman), Frøya Invest AS (board member), Otem Invest AS (CEO and chairman), Cbs Invest AS (CEO and chairman), Bewi Box AS (CEO and board member), Ytternesset Invest AS (board member) and Bewi Holding AS (board member).
    • Born1982
    • Shares90.478.800
  • Roger Olofsson

  • Group HR Director

  • Roger Olofsson was appointed Group HR Director of the BEWiSynbra Group in June 2019. Previous to this role, Olofsson has held various senior HR roles within ABB, GE Healthcare, Loomis and Scandic Hotels.

    Olofsson holds a bachelor’s degree of science in human resource development and labour relations from Umeå University in Sweden.

    • Born1964
    • Shares0


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