Board of directors

Members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the annual general meeting for the period until the end of the next annual general meeting.

According to the Company’s Articles of Association, the Board of Directors shall consist of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of seven (7) members without deputy members.

The composition of the Board of Directors is in compliance with the independence requirements of the Swedish corporate governance Code, meaning that

  1. the majority of the shareholder elected members of the Board are independent of the Company and the Management
  2. at least two of the shareholder-elected members of the Board independent of the Company and the Management are also independent of the Company’s major shareholders (shareholders controlling, directly or indirectly, at least ten per cent of the Securities or votes in the Company).
  • Gunnar Syvertsen

  • Chairman

  • Gunnar Syvertsen has been a member of the Board since 2014 and has been the chairman of the Board since 2018. Syvertsen has experience from being chairman of board, as well as the CEO from several companies and is currently member of the board of Mibau Holding GmbH, a position he has held since 2016. Syvertsen has served as CEO of HeidelbergCement Northern Europe AB, a regional division of HeidelbergCement AG, one of the largest building materials companies in the world listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

    Other current assignments

    Frøya Invest AS (chairman), Gis AS (chairman), Bewi Holding AS (chairman), Mibau Holding GmbH (board member), Topaas og Haug AS Entreprenørforretning (board member) and Stema Shipping A/S (board member).

    • Elected2014
    • Born1954
    • Shares150.000
  • Per Nordlander

  • Board Member

  • Per Nordlander has been a member of the Board since 2014. Nordlander is a partner at Verdane Capital Advisors, a private equity firm investing in growth-oriented business. He is a former founder, CEO and member of the board of Avanza Bank Holding AB listed on Nasdaq Stockholm large cap. He has experience as a board member from several companies and is currently a member of the board of Allgon AB, listed on Nasdaq First North, and Livförsäkringsbolaget Skandia, ömsesidigt.

    Nordlander holds a master’s degree in engineering physics from Uppsala University and has completed the Advanced Management Program at Stockholm School of Economics.

    Other current assignmentsLivförsäkringsbolaget Skandia, ömsesidigt (board member), ALLGON AB (publ) (board member), NF Holding AB (board member), Arctic Rose AB (board member), Verdane Alexander Holding AB (chairman), Arctic Mill AB (board member), Verdane Capital Advisors IX AB (board member), Verdane Capital IX (E) AB (board member), Estate Group Sverige AB (board member) and Bellman Group AB (publ) (chaiman).

    • Elected2014
    • Born1967
    • Shares
  • Christina Schauman

  • Board Member

  • Christina Schauman has been a member of the Board since 2016. Schauman has previous experience as CFO of Nasdaq, Apoteket AB and Carnegie Investment Bank AB as well as various positions in companies such as Stora AB, ABB and Investor. She has experience as a board member from several companies and is a current member of the board of ÅF AB and BillerudKorsnäs Aktiebolag, both listed on Nasdaq Stockholm large cap.

    Schauman holds a degree in Accounting, Financial Management and International Business from Stockholm School of Economics.

    Other current assignmentsCalea AB (board member, CEO), BillerudKorsnäs Aktiebolag (publ) (board member), ÅF AB (board member), Orexo AB (board member), Ellos Group Holding AB (publ) (board member), Nordic Entertainment Group AB (board member), REEDA Capital Management AB (board member) and Coor Service Management Holding AB (board member).

    • Elected2016
    • Born1965
    • Shares187.500
  • Christian Bekken

  • Board Member

  • Christian Bekken has been Director of Business Development in the Company since 2018. Bekken is a member of the Bekken family, the majority shareholder, and is the former CEO of BEWiSynbra from 2014 to 2018. Bekken has held various positions within BEWiSynbra since 2002 and is the previous CEO of Smart Bolig AS.

    Bekken has an upper secondary general degree in economy and business administration.

    Other current assignmentsKMC Family AS (CEO and chairman), Frøya Invest AS (board member), Otem Invest AS (CEO and chairman), Cbs Invest AS (CEO and chairman), Bewi Box AS (CEO and board member), Ytternesset Invest AS (board member) and Bewi Holding AS (board member).

    • Elected2019
    • Born1982
    • Shares90.478.800
  • Göran Wikström

  • Board Member

  • Göran Vikström is the previous chairman of the Board and has been a member of the Board since 2014. Vikström has previous experience from positions as CEO from several companies and has been manager in companies such as Volvo Car, Tarkett AB and Beckers AB. Vikström is co-founder and previous chairman of the valve technology company Staccato Technologies AB.

    Vikström holds a degree in engineering from Västerås University and a degree in Financial Items from Harvard Business School.

    Other current assignmentsAktiebolaget Göran Wikström i Sigtuna (board member).

    • Elected2014
    • Born1944
    • Shares125.000
  • Rik Dobbelaere

  • Board Member

  • Rik Dobbelaere has 40 years of industry experience and previous positions include CEO of BEWiSynbra Group, CEO of Synbra Holding BV, division president at Bombardier and general manager at Ultratec Divisie Raychem Corp.

    Dobbelaere holds a master degree in engineering from KU Leuven in Belgium and an MBA degree from KU Leuven in Belgium.

    • Elected2020
    • Born1954
    • Shares0
  • Stig Wærnes

  • Board Member

  • Member of the board and CEO of BEWi Holding AS since 2020. Wærnes has a long time experience from auditing, advisory and various director and board positions in these companies, and as regional managing partner and Deputy Chairman of BDO AS.  Until 2011 he was chairman and managing partner of Inter Revisjon/Praxity (int).  Wærnes holds a degree in auditing and accounting from NTNU business school.

    • Elected2020
    • Born1968
    • Shares0


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