Corporate Governance

BEWiSynbra is committed to healthy Corporate Governance practices which strengthens and maintains confidence in the Company, thereby contributing to optimal long-term value creation for shareholders and other stakeholders.

The objective of Corporate Governance is to regulate the division of roles between shareholders, the Board and executive management more comprehensively than is required by legislation. Corporate Governance in BEWiSynbra is, in addition to applicable laws and regulations, based on a sound corporate values and culture, the articles of association and the Shareholder’s Agreement.

BEWiSynbra’s principles for Corporate Governance are based on the following core elements:

  • All shareholders are treated equally
  • BEWiSynbra will provide reliable and relevant communication to all stakeholders, in a honest and transparent manner
  • BEWiSynbra’s Board is independent of the Company’s executive management
  • The majority of the Board members are independent of the largest shareholders


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